Safavieh PAR84-404 Paradise Viscose Power Loomed Creme Area Rug

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Brand : Safavieh

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Made in Belgium, the Paradise collection features a combination of chenille loop and cut pile for a highlow, carved pattern texture. Designs feature patterns ranging from traditional Wilton designs to freeflowing florals and pop art abstracts.Collection: Paradise Color: Creme Country of Origin: Belgium Design Type: Traditional Material: Viscose Weave: Power Loomed (Care Instruction: Vacuum regularly Brushless attachment is recommended Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight Do not pull ...


Safavieh PAR84-404 Paradise Viscose Power Loomed Creme Area Rug is at this point well-known and widely displayed. There are many times of product reviews from real consumers. Safavieh PAR84-404 Paradise Viscose Power Loomed Creme Area Rug may very well be as a manner item right now. If you are not sure concerning it, you can seek the previous evaluation of product to support for you to decide.

You can not understand how Safavieh PAR84-404 Paradise Viscose Power Loomed Creme Area Rug is excellent or not until you choose to attempt it yourself. We suggest you to get product with regard to trial. So that you can recognize typically the wonderful connection with how great it is by on your own. Because the strong encounter from test yourself is greater than merely examining from other customers.

Perhaps you have experienced that before Safavieh PAR84-404 Paradise Viscose Power Loomed Creme Area Rug? If not, we suggest someone to experience this product and you will experience a "new time" after made a decision to use our own product. The protection of this technique is guaranteed intended for official identification. Therefore , you can feel secure when all of our product applied.

Category : Home Decor/Rugs

Brand : Safavieh

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