Bjoern Werner Indianapolis Colts Autographed 2013 Topps #404 Card

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Brand : Fanatics

Merchant : Fanatics

This highly collectible trading card has been personally handsigned by Indianapolis Colts superstar and Fanatics Authentic Exclusive athlete Bjoern Werner. The card is then encapsulated in a tamper proof acrylic case which also includes a Fanatics Authentic ID tag and hologram to guarantee the authenticity of the item. This will make a great addition to the collection of any true sports fan. Please note that autographs may vary....


This specific Bjoern Werner Indianapolis Colts Autographed 2013 Topps #404 Card rises on revenue! Why not do to give it a try. And you may experience actually is truly remarkable. Do not think twice, the product is not seeing that expensive to help you think twice. It can, without doubt, worth buying, many of us guarantee!

Category : Collectibles

Brand : Fanatics

Merchat : Fanatics
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